March 27, 2016:  NCFC had its first SUNRISE SERVICE And has decided to make it a tradition!!  It was something to behold to embrace God's majesty, to worship Him first thing in the morning and to honor He who hung, bled and died on Calvary's Cross, only to RISE UP on that third day!!  Praise The Lord! 

February 24, 2018:  Minister Tanja Staton knocked us off our feet!!!

March 19, 2016:  The"WoMen of God" Breakfast, was one of NCFC's finest moments in history!  Minister Belinda Harmon took us to the next level! God used her in such a magnificent way, that it left everyone in awe of the Spirit of God.  She showed us the importance of contending for our faith; how God gave each of us a portion but it is up to us to fight for it!  "NCFC was very grateful to Minister Harmon for the images she left on our minds and hearts, New Covenant Fellowship Church extends our gratitude to you, dear Minister, for breathing life into us through God's Word!

June 19, 2016:  NCFCs very own Pastor, Leader, Teacher...and Doctor was given homage!  Sr. Pastor Rickey J. Guidry was nominated by Bishop & Dr. Owens and received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Diploma, we also celebrated our Pastor's 22-year Anniversary as well as Father's Day and Juneteenth!!  Reverend Martin Moshay (grandson to the late Honorable Reverend Alex Moshay, who was Dr. Guidry's mentor) brought an unbelievable message entitled, "Free at Last"!

April 1 2018:  NCFC had its SUNRISE SERVICE! Yes, at 6:00 am, we were outside meeting with the Lord on yet another Praise-Worthy occasion to honor Him for what He did for us! And all we want to say is THANK YOU LORD!  

April 30, 2016:  This celebration was one of the best times ever had at New Covenant Fellowship Church!  Pastor Betty Owens Clark was honored in High Fashion by her family, friends and fellow musicians.  And a very big "Thank You" to her brother, Bishop John Owens and his lovely wife, Dr. Carolyn Owens for helping to make this occasion an event to remember!  I believe God was enjoying the Gospel Music He heard that day!

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